Annox Capital


Different  --  Better

Annox Capital was established to invest in and advise businesses that take a different approach--often times a profoundly different approach--to doing things.  In many cases, this involves the use of a disruptive technology or online strategy that unambiguously improves a business process or human experience.  In every case, the business is managed by a leadership team that is unafraid--in fact, anxious--to take the road less traveled.

Our search to identify these attributes has resulted in our becoming affiliated with some exceptionally interesting businesses.   Some of them look a lot like what you might expect:  tech businesses located in the usual tech hot spots. Others are geographically dispersed businesses that are engaged in more basic industrial enterprises such as manufacturing, logistics, banking, healthcare and real estate.  All of them, we think, are doing things differently and better.

Please contact us if you believe your business approach lines up with our investment mission.